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Chrice MAYOUMA, French contemporary painterborn in Brazzaville, Congo, is an artist self-taught passionate about painting and drawing since his childhood. His artistic approach is inspired by his personal history, marked by the horrors of the civil wars that shook his country in the 90s.

At the age of 12, Chrice arrived in France, carrying with him a deep reflection on the human being and his place in the universe. This is how he decided to take his brushes to paint only what is most positive in Man, claiming an optimistic and deeply humanistic art. His work is an ode to the beauty of nature, which he seeks to safeguard through his paintings.

Chrice MAYOUMA 's paintings show great artistic sensitivity and a deep reflection on the human condition. Through a gallery of universal, inspiring and committed characters, he integrates the image of Man in his most natural part, in order to exalt the freedom of being. His paintings show a strong presence of a resplendent ecosystem, where nature is at the center of everything.

His artistic style is inspired by both neoclassicism and naive art, with a very personal figurative approach. Chrice works with the splendor and depth of pigments with assorted oil paints and charcoal, creating striking contrasts and bursts of color that highlight subjects of peace, understanding of others, as well as ecology.

Each of Chrice MAYOUMA is an invitation to transcendence and to discover the beauty that is hidden in each of us.