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Frequently asked questions...

Q: What technique do you use?
A: I use a mixed technique for my paintings, mixing oil (oil paint / oil pastel) and charcoal on paper.

Q: How do you find inspiration?
A: I am very instinctive, I start my paintings according to my emotions of the moment. Nevertheless, my childhood in Brazzaville (Congo), my travels and my meetings are my main sources of inspiration. I like the idea of using my creations as a diary.

Q: How long does it take you to create?
A: It's hard to say because each canvas has its own characteristics,
plus I work a lot on large formats for my collectors, so on average it takes me 2 months of work.

Q: Which artist inspired you the most?
A: There are two artists that inspire me a lot. The first one is Henri Rousseau and the second one is Nelson Makamo (he is a South African painter, I like the humanistic approach in his paintings).

Q: What does the floral aspect refer to in your latest work?
A: This artistic identity has its origins in my childhood, Brazzaville, the city where I was born, many years ago was commonly called "Brazza the green". I grew up in a house and a neighborhood full of flowers, this environment has developed in me a great affinity for nature and everything related to ecology. Painting these flowery scenes is a way for me to contribute to the beauty of nature and participate in its preservation.

Q: Why the repeated presence of butterflies and birds in your latest paintings?
A: It is a way for me to mark my presence in my works. These two animals are totems representing my personality as an artist. The butterfly symbolizes change, the need to continually reinvent my art. The bird symbolizes freedom, the infinity of creative possibilities in my artistic universe.

Q: Do you paint on commission?
A: Yes, on some occasions. I spend most of my time painting for my exhibitions and openings. However, when I do take commissions, I like to have creative control to ensure that the result of the painting is consistent with my artistic vision.

Q: Besides painting, do you have any other passions?
A: I love astronomy, traveling and CrossFit.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes and shipping is free. Check out the shipping policy here for more information.

Q: What kind of paper do you use for your paintings?
A: I work on Figueras paper (300 g/m²).

Q: What is a giclée print (which you use for your prints)?
A: A giclée print is a modern printmaking process, in which individual prints are produced on a special large format printer in very high resolution to give as close a reproduction as possible of the colors and precise features of the original work. All my giclée prints are gallery quality, hand signed and numbered.

Q: Are your artworks sold framed?
A: Yes, but only the original paintings are sold framed. I work with the luxurious and prestigious Parisian framer LES CADRES GAULT, you can check their website here.

Q: Are your canvases available for rent?
A: Yes, youmust make your request here.

Q: Can we visit your studio?
A: Sorry but it's going to be difficult, my studio is the archetype of an emerging artist's studio, it's a mess, you might get dirty stepping on pots of paint.